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A new universe of hi-tech automation and robotic products at excellent price.
Un nuevo universo de automatización y robótica de alta tecnología a precios excelentes.
Um novo universo de produtos de automação e de robotic de alta tecnologia em preços excelentes.

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    In need for quick automation prototypes development? Please check our PLC Training Stations: Affordable, ready to work, powerful, small size. Include display, push-buttons, switches, power supply… to speed up your development time     Digital and analog I/Os, Display, High speed inputs, PWM outputs, clock/calendar, RS485/232 internet/Ethernet comm ports, flexible programming in Ladder+Basic, etc …All what you wanted to have in a PLC , you will get in our Super PLCs T100 Series  

D A brand new technology LTTransceiver, Replace the physical wiring between two devices that use RS 232 or 485 serial port.


    Discover our Universal Serial Input Module with 8 independent channels to measure Temperature (any type of thermocouple) , Voltage (0-5VDC, 0-10VDC) or Current (0-20 Ma, 4-20Ma) and for any PLC, PC or SCADA thru its RS485 Modbus port.
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(South Africa) - the world's largest gold mining corporation. ST Microelectronics (Singapore) - world's sixth largest semi-conductor manufacturer. Tetrapak (Singapore)- world's largest packaging equipment maker. Intel (Penang) - world's largest.... well, you know who they are. We recently learned that Intel Israel is also using the Super PLCs. SAIC (USA) - Fortune 500 company, supplier to the U.S. Airforce and NASA. Newport News Industrial (USA) - $5 billion company, supplier to the U.S. Navy. Bristol Myers Squibb Company (NYSE:BMY) - $20 billion pharmaceutical company. Unilever Research - Research arm of one of the world's largest conglomerates. TRW Automotive (NYSE: TRW). Electrocontrol SA (Colombia) - One of the largest ballast manufacturers in latinamerica. Pegaucho SA (Colombia)- Biggest glue manufacturer in Colombia. LG Philips (Mexico) A worldwide known electronics company. Filamentos Industriales SA (Peru) Ranked 277 of the most important peruvian companies. Antillean Paper & Plastic Co N.V (Curacao) Big manufacturer in the beatiful touristic island. Salmones del Pacifico Sur Sa (Chile) One of the biggest chilean fish exporters .  

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