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Latin-Tech Inc.

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Data Sheet



  • Sound quality comparable to AM radio.
  • Plays uncompressed .wav files.
  • 1-watt monaural output.
  • Eight trigger inputs, one RS-232 port.
  • Contact closure or PLC activation.
  • Random access up to 512 tracks.
  • CompactFlash technology.
  • Powerful Script Mode operation.
  • Single voltage supply (6~12V DC).
  • Compact size & low power.

Add voice messages to any PLC:

  • Every message can have any duration.
  • Use your own voice
  • Manage amount of messages
  • Low cost



Endless Applications:

  • Animatronics
  • Point of sales
  • Voice Presetations
  • Warning Messages
  • Motivation messages
  • Machine operation/control messages

Simple to use:

  • Record your messages as .wav file.
  • Download them to the Compact Flash.
  • Use a Push Button or a PLC to play your messages (via binary or serial inputs).
  • Update your messages any time you want
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For any additional information please CONTACT US, let us know what you need!!