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Latin-Tech Inc.

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PLC Trainers
Do you look for low cost and powerful trainers?

Why to use software simulators for training when you can have both :

Simulator and PLC trainer for much less cost.


With these powerful training stations you can have your automation projects running in just minutes!

No major wiring required



We welcome any technical institutes and colleges to use the TRiLOGI software and PLC Trainers to train students on ladder logic programming at no charge at all!   We would appreciate it if you could email to us at: to inform us that you will be providing a link to our website at: so that the students can download the TRiLOGI software from our web page to do their homework!  Suggestions and feedback on our products would be greatly appreciated. Please tell your friends and colleagues about the program if you enjoy using it.

Please visit this Internet Trilogi PLC software Tutorial
     by  Prof T.C. Chang, Purdue University, Indiana.

PLC Training Course Instructor Comments:

"I use TRiLOGI in the college classroom. I have each student download and install TRiLOGI on their home computer, and I then give them programming assignments to do at home. They individually write, run and debug their PLC programs, and then email their program files to me for testing and grading. Since TRiLOGI will simulate PLC operation off-line, each student is able to obtain hands-on programming and debugging experience without having to wait for their turn on an expensive laboratory PLC. The students enjoy using TRiLOGI because they can see their programs run at home without loading them into an actual PLC, it is easy to learn, and the cost for the off-line version is zero."

Prof John Hackworth, Old Dominion Univeristy



More New Technologies

You can learn the classical concepts or you can innovate with new approaches in the changing world of industrial automation.

Extremely Low Cost

For the cost of a PLC you can buy a complete trainer with pushbuttons, suitches, relays, LEDs and power supply.

Didactic and Real

These PLCs are used for many
multinationals. Anyone or any educational center can take his application to the real world, developing the important
university-industry nexus.

More Control Techniques
You can learn more technologies besides the classical ladder programming such as blocks or BASIC.

More New Topics
Could you imagine monitoring and controlling trough EXCEL ® ? You can also operate our PLCs over the Internet. Try robotics and telemetry
Fixable Equipment
Yes, our training stations are fixable. We are aware that the learning process is associated to mistakes. In our PLCs all the chips are mounted on DIL Basis so you can remove/ replace defective chips for only few dollars
More Learning Levels
Students can begin to work with simple and smaller PLCs before using higher technologies or more expensive equipment.
PLC Training Station PTS E10
Only U$250
Either you are an experienced PLC programmer or a novice you will enjoy to see your applications working in just minutes.
An amazing automation experience!
Ideal for:

Small projects
Industrial emergencies
Replacing timers
Replacing counters
Replacing ladder logic
Y - Delta Motor starting

First simulate your project on a computer, then wire the devices to the external connectors and perform a real test.
Our PLC Training Station has been carefully designed to allow the following advantages :
  • Small size and weight.
  • Extremely low cost
  • Portable
  • Easy to use
  • Industrial
  • Educational
Software Features
  • Our awarded programming software TRiLOGI.
  • Simulator Tools
  • Includes other PLC models.
  • ON - LINE monitoring.
  • Works in DOS
  • No specific computer requirements

Hardware Features.

  • PLC with 6 inputs / 4 outputs.
  • 90 Programming steps
  • 4 Timers
  • 4 Counters
  • 1 Sequencer of 32 steps
  • 8 Internal relays
  • 2 Internal outputs.
  • Password protection.
  • 4 Jumbo Indicating LEDs
  • 2 Push buttons
  • 4 Switches
  • Protection fuse
  • Fiberglass chassis
  • 110 10%VAC connection.
  • Connectors to interact with the real world.
  • ON/OFF switch
  • 24VDC and 110 VAC supply available on connectors
  • RS232C serial connection cable
  This is the TENTH course in a series of TEN courses offered by Gibson Tech Ed, Inc. to train students in electronics.

Each lesson has a quiz that prints a certificate of completion to put in the the student’s portfolio.

Teachers and students love this course because:

  • Students will learn and be highly motivated because of the nature of the experiments and programs they are creating.
  • Students are working on many exciting hands on experiments. They have Interactive software integrated into their learning process along with interactive quizzes, and more!
  • Students are working with an actual PLC, programming it  just like they will when they become engineers and electronics technicians.
  • The software comes complete with a comprehensive study guide including diagrams, schematics, pictorials and many worksheet activities. The interactive software included works on PC with Windows 2000 or better.
  • The interactive quizzes are on the computer. They measure student progress, and make quizzes more fun! Students will enjoy and benefit from the illustrated and interactive software used to program the PLC.

Order this course and get started.You will love the results. Exciting careers in technology are awaiting those who complete these courses.

Price for Course with Manuals: $459.00

To receive your beautiful full-color “Career Certificate” for this course, send in a copy of all 15 Quiz computer printouts, your Student Manual filled-out,  and $20 to Gibson Tech Ed, Attn:Gary Gibson, 31516 Sagecrest Drive, Lake Elsinore, CA 92532.

Lesson # Lesson Name Reading Programming PC Lab/quiz
01 E-Series PLC Interface
02 Inputs and Outputs
03 Relays
04 Timers
05 Clocks
06 Counter/Reset Counter Functions
07 Interlocks
08 Sequences
09 Use PLC to create Combination Lock Program
10 Use PLC to create Yard Sprinkler Controller
11 Use PLC to create Car Wash Controller
12 Use PLC to create French Fry Machine Controller
13 PLC to create Washing Machine Controller
14 Use PLC to create Traffic Light Controller
15 Use PLC to create Elevator Controller
Brochures PTS E10
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Real applications
Super PLC Training Station PTS T100MD
Only U$650
              If you need a powerful and efficient solution for all of your automation projects here you are a SuperPLC
Why do we call it so?
Because it contains all what you need in a PLC, at affordable cost and in the same equipment.
Just take a look to its amazing features.
Ideal for:
  • Robotics and Motion Control
  • Complex control
  • Industrial automation projects
  • Automation emergencies
  • Distributed control
  • Internet/ethernet monitoring and control
  • Data logging Low cost RTUs
  • Fast development/protyping
  • Other engineering disciplines
  • Educational centers
Low cost RTUs
Fast development/protyping
Other engineering disciplines
Educational centers
  • Excellent cost.
  • Inmediate industrial application.
  • Super fast automation development.
  • Software simulation.
  • Programmable in ladder and BASIC.
  • First internet ready PLC trainer station.
  • Phone / modem support.
  • Multiple protocols supported.
  • You can write your own protocols.
  • Excellent for complex tasks.
  • Two motion channels included.
  • Portable.
  • Small weight and size
  • Complete assembly with power supply
  • Windows environment.
  • Multiple windows
  • Ladder and BASIC programming.
  • Software simulator
  • On-line monitoring and control
  • Ethernet / Internet connectivity
  • Easy program/debugging
  • Internet server included
Used by Australian RMIT, TAFE and Old Dominion University, Purdue University, State University of New York, Kent State University and many other colleges and universities around the world


  • PLC with 8DC inputs and 8 DC outputs
  • 8 analog input channels (0-5VDC) Configurable in 6 Ads and 2 DAs channels
  • 2 high speed inputs (15Khz)
  • 2 PWM outputs
  • 4 interrupt inputs
  • RS232 and RS485 ports
  • Display of 2 lines 16 characters
  • 64 Timers and 64 counters
  • 256 internal relays
  • Configurable PID
  • 6016 words of memory program
  • 1700 words of EEprom memory.
  • 4000 words of RAM memory
  • 26 variables ( A to Z )
  • Clock / Calendar (option)
  • Expansion modules (40 I/ 40 O )
  • Powerful instructions set for control
  • 4 Jumbo Indicating LEDs
  • 2 Push buttons
  • 4 Switches
  • Protection fuse
  • Fiberglass base
  • 110+- 10%VAC connection.
  • Connectors to interact with the real world.
  • ON/OFF switch
  • 24VDC and 110 VAC supply available on connectors
  • RS232C serial connection cable

Communication Capabilities

Modbus (110 a 500Kbps)
Omrom´s C20H protocol
Internet/ethernet EMIT 3.0
Control/ Monitoring through EXCEL



Covered Topics

Brochures PTS T100
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Real applications