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      Download InduSoft Web Studio V6 + Service Pack 4     Download the Service Pack 4 Patch
Note: This patch provides additional files for CEView (CEWebServer.exe, IndVkStd.dll, ISSymbolCE.ocx, OPCProxy.dll and StOleProxy.dll). These files are not required for most of the CEView applications. However, if you require any of these files, please follow the procedure below to install this patch:

Copy the file (Patch.exe) into the InduSoft installation directory (Example: c:\Program Files\InduSoft Web Studio v6.0\Patch.exe) and run it to extract the files for InduSoft Web Studio v6.0 + Service Pack 4. (updated 3/17/05)

InduSoft Web Studio

InduSoft Web Studio, a powerful, integrated collection of automation tools that includes all the building blocks required to develop modern Human Machine Interfaces (HMI), and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System (SCADA) applications that run native on Windows NT, 2000, XP, CE and CE .NET or in an Internet and Intranet environment. A simple drag-and-drop, point-and-click development environment mimics the most complex behavior of your live processes. InduSoft Web Studio is the ideal E-Automation solution in the industry



Product Architecture

  • Common development environment for
    Windows XP/ 2000/NT and CE run-time platforms
  • Remote management and deployment
  • On-line configuration
  • Object-oriented database
  • Object-oriented graphical interface and Object browser
  • Microsoft Windows XP look and feel
  • Explorer-style project and document management
  • Microsoft Windows DNA and .NET compliant
  • Based on MFC (Microsoft Foundation Classes) libraries
  • Open architecture (API Toolkits) for easy integration

Download Our Demo Software



  • FULL-FEATURED Web Thin Client solution (visualization and commands, security system,
    On-line/History alarms, On-line/History trend, ActiveX support, translation, etc.)
  • FULL-FEATURED WinCE-based run-time environment (CEView)
  • Automatic e-mail support (SMTP)
  • Dial-up connection interface
  • Scalable security system (unlimited groups and users)
  • Fill-effects (gradient color)
  • Run-time translation tool





  • Communication drivers: Over 150 drivers for WinNT/2K/XP and WinCE
  • OPC Client and Server
  • TCP/IP Client and Server
  • DDE Client and Server
  • ODBC Interface
  • ActiveX container (WinNT/2K/XP and WinCE)
  • Dynamic library of symbols –customizable
  • Intuitive script language (does not require programming skills)


  • Alarms and trends archiving
  • On-line visualization of alarms and trends
  • Recipes (XML and simple text)
  • Reports (RTF and simple text)
  • Scheduler module (events)
  • PC-based control software integration through a shared database
  • Debug tools: Database Spy and LogWin (local or remote maintenance on the run-time system)

Complementary tools

  • API Toolkits (open-architecture to create custom interfaces):
    • Tags Database Access Toolkit (ISRWExt.DLL / ISRWExt.OCX)
    • Drivers Toolkit
    • Task Toolkit (OLE Server)
  • Gateways to third-party SCADA packages (Easy-to-use, efficient, and cost-effective solution to integrate applications from different packages):
    • FixDMACs and iFix (intellution)
    • InTouch (Wonderware)
Product Concept – What Do We Offer?
      We offer solutions to configure, manage, and monitor the flow of valuable information among the plant-floor, the users (local or remote visualization) and the Enterprise.        
Product Philosophy
  • Communication drivers: Over 150 drivers for WinNT/2K/XP and WinCE
  • OPC Client and Server
  • TCP/IP Client and Server
  • DDE Client and Server
  • ODBC Interface
  • ActiveX container (WinNT/2K/XP and WinCE)
  • Dynamic library of symbols –customizable
  • Intuitive script language (does not require programming skills)
Multi-Platform Runtime 

User Requirements
          “SCADA and HMI software products based on I/O tag counts introduce meaningless complications--to no technical advantage.  They just create specification problems and add costs.”              
User Requirements – I/O Tags with No Restrictions
Example:  A low-cost HMI on a simple project has to add a $10,000 license because the user wants to include a single preventive maintenance display.    
User Requirements – Availability and Maintenance

The Problem:  For many years a factory may install just run-time licenses of various products, or different versions of the same product.

However, when a maintenance upgrade or a new software installation is needed, they will find it difficult to reconcile the engineering license available with their installed run-time license.
User Requirements – Integrated Environment
User Requirements – Remote Management

Remote access to data:  Already available in most systems.

New requirement:

Remote Management and Configuration
The number of field stations connected on a network is growing.  Users need a single engineering station that can manage and configure multiple remote run-time stations--including  the ability to do application updates, version control, installation, and administration.
User Requirements – Flexibility and Ease-of-Use
  • Unified environment for all configurations
  • Microsoft standard GUI
  • Same tools and compatibility for all Microsoft Windows OS (XP, 2000, XP, CEv3.00, and CE.NET)
  • Explorer-style project browsing
  • Pop-up and context menus
  • ToolTips and cool toolbars
  • Wizards and guided configuration
  • Docked and floating toolbars
  • Templates, libraries, and examples

InduSoft SCADA Web Studio (IWS) - Workbench
Common and integrated workbench for developing and managing WinNT/2K/XP and WinCE applications for local and distributed applications
Internal Architecture
Interface Components

Project Explorer

  • Access all of your project components
  • Tabs keep applications organized and make navigation easy
  • Document and project management is as simple as point
The Case Applications
Case Application: FLUKE (Instrumentation)
Case Application: MICON (Embedded Controller)
Case Application: Johnson Controls (SCADA + HMI)

for any additional information please CONTACT US, let us know what you need!!